Beyond Covid. Health screening for business.

All Point’s Safe Haven has emerged as one of the leading integrated solutions for navigating and simplifying the complexities of health screening.
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Beyond temperature screening, it’s a peace-of-mind ecosystem.

  • Contactless Temperature screening with face detection and badge/ID integration
  • Health screen questionnaire and mobile-app management
  • White-glove setup and managed support services
  • Enterprise-enabled platform integrates with common workforce management systems
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NEW! Vaccine FastPass

HR can now create a ‘fast pass’ for approved people in one click, easily green lighting them to skip entry screening without a HIPPA infringement.

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Working with All Point Safety-as-a-Service. Taking the risk and complexity off your shoulders.

  • We’re Not New To Solving Business Challenges

    Our team will listen to your challenges and requirements and design the right solution based on your unique needs. We’ll then source, install and support it based on the return-to-work best practices we’ve gleaned across multiple industries.

  • Bulletproof Data And Legal Compliance

    Configure what data to retain and for what lengths of time to ensure government, HR and legal policy compliance; create alerts and on-demand compliance reports for tracking issues and anomalies.

  • Works Seamlessly With Existing Time Card, Access And Employee Management Systems

    So that business owners can flexibly activate or update their screening systems and processes based on any requirement.

  • All Point’s Legendary Service & Support

    We didn’t scramble to create a support system for Safe Haven, we bolted it on to what’s already locked working flawlessly. An established technology service desk for hardware and software issues, an in-house software team that builds integrations between existing enterprise-level software platforms and business analysts that weave together tech, business process and efficiency with ROI in mind.

  • Match Your Unique Processes And Workflows

    Contactless temperature screening, mobile and on-tablet health questionnaires with the ease of an app. Manage all facilities from one dashboard–one location to many, nationally and internationally.

  • Simple, Affordable Financing

    Our financing program makes the right total solution for hardware, software, integration, licensing, and 24/7 support immediately feasible for a low monthly cost.

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We get that safety has many masters—physical, mental, risk, systems and fiscal. We’ve leveraged our experience in technology, software integrations, consulting and business processes to address health screening for many return-to-work scenarios.
Sean Quinn CEO, All Point

HR & IT Approved An enhanced business screening solution—simple and at scale. Ready for Today and Tomorrow.

  • Manage Employees, Visitors and more

    Create unique workflows and entry processes to streamline entry while ensuring compliance; integrate with active directory or access control systems.

  • Manage Data Retention Policies

    Configure what data to retain and for what lengths of time to ensure government, HR and legal policy compliance.

  • Configure Alert Notifications

    Set approved staff up to receive alerts via text or email, then notify them to assist when someone fails.


    Infusing into existing screening processes / timecard systems etc.

  • Detailed Reports

    Automated to run daily or weekly–share with approved recipients or specify a specific time frame and investigate an incident.

  • Screening Dashboards

    Simple status dashboards HR can access on demand or via alerts, resting easy via one point of control.

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Your Health Screening Partner

Your Health Screening Partner Helping many kinds of businesses reopen safely—and prepare for the future.

We’re consistently adding new features and functions to streamline the needs of different vertical markets around the country.

White-glove Service Ready for immediate implementation.

When you work with us, you get a team of battle-savvy, seasoned vets with consulting, IT, development and operational prowess. From WiFi to workflows, our team is ready to customize your solution.

  • FLEXIBLE payment TERMS

    Upfront and monthly pricing options and savings on multiple units

  • Immediate availability

    From small businesses to enterprise corporate clients Safe Haven is ready


    Your devices arrive already set up so they’re ready to plug and play

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